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Free Spirit is passionate about using 100% sustainable materials, organic cotton & bamboo and giving back to both environment and community. Proud supporters of the HOPE Foundation 5% of sales go to helping Indian children living in poverty go to school to learn and grow... to use their wings.

Yogi & designer Christina Gill quit her corporate job of 8 years in the fashion world, to set off on her free spirit journey to travel the real world. Opening up her eyes to different cultures, meeting interesting people, developing an absolute love of nature and realising that it really doesn't matter if you don't “stick to the plan” it was in this open space that she found Yoga. Now combining her passion & experience of both design & ethical production with yoga, and an infectious mission to inspire others to follow their dream (to use their wings!) - Free Spirit was born!

A note from Christina:

"FOLLOW YOUR BLISS and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls..." (Connie Hanks). To keep moving forward we need to keep opening new doors and keep doing new things, but most important is stepping out of our comfort zone..

Two years ago I could have stayed very comfortable, designing for the big companies, getting paid to travel the world first class, fancy parties and a disposable income but something inside pushed me to follow this dream! My life is a million miles away from what it was a few years ago. I step out of my comfort zone every day, trying to grow and succeed in something I am so passionate about but never really knowing if it is the right thing to do! But all we can do is to follow our hearts, keep moving forward and as each door opens, to take the challenge that lies ahead. Thank you for following our journey xx

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