Harmonie Collection malas are jewels for the soul, handmade with love by designer and holistic healer Delphine in her Belgian atelier. 

Delphine is a 38 years old Belgian Creative Designer, Reiki Master, trained in Restorative Yoga and Energy Medicine Therapist (Access Consciousness - The Bars, Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy).

Energy and Emotions have always been magical words lighting up her world since her childhood. Therefore working as a Wellness Guide and Holistic Health Influencer has always been a clear path to her. 

When you buy a Harmonie Collection mala, you invest in sacral healing and highly therapeutic creation for your heart and soul, aligning your chakras.

Working only with conscious gemstones charged with solar and lunar rays of light, the stones are cleaned and infused through various rituals: Earth connection, Vegetal flowers bath – mainly locally sourced sustainable roses (the flower of harmony) various sacral essential oil combinations, mantra and divine sacred song vibrations, and the Reiki healing energies.

Delphine has many passions - yoga, art, travelling, conscious living, reading, nature and Ayurveda.

Set your intention and enjoy the magical power of Delphine's healing malas.

Read her #PoweredByYoga story!



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Psychic Magic Mala Necklace


Unlock Your Magic Mala Necklace


Divine Goddess Mala Necklace


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