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Instagram's most wanted: @ellenmayyoga

Read Ellen's #PoweredByYoga story, now on The Yoga Map!

This week's picks come from Ellen May, a sunshine, beach loving yogi from South Africa. 

"Unexpectedly, I fell in love with yoga. About two and a half years ago I despised myself, I was a lost, hyper-allergic mess. I began to teach myself yoga and ultimately learnt my best life lessons yet. I learnt self-discovery, self-love, consciousness, plant-based nutrition, true physical strength and peace in mind, body and spiritual alignment. 

I started teaching yoga as my tool to share the physical practice as well as my lessons with as much as the world as I can. I now teach full time and am so blessed in saying that I wake up every day so grateful that this is my job and this is now my life.

I want to teach ultimate physical and inner strength and the power of healing. To teach that, “If you don’t go within, you go without” and that we really have been searching for ourselves in the wrong places. Yoga truly changes people and I have big plans to touch as many hearts as are open to letting me."



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Dita Yoga Leggings (Without Foot Strap) - KISMET - £72.60
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