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Lotuscrafts stand for fair and ecologically produced meditation and yoga accessories and manufacture adhering to the international GOTS organic standard.
The GOTS organic standard guarantees environmentally friendly production as well as fair wages and working conditions along the entire value creation chain.

Vision and mantra

We support people in their personal and spiritual development with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and ecological products.

We are committed to implementing and achieving high ethical, social and environmental standards in all areas of our products’ value creation.

Through direct cooperation with manufacturers and constant optimisation of our processes, we create transparency and the verifiability of social and environmental values and at the same time ensure outstanding value for money for our customers.

The name


In many eastern cultures, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity, peace and beauty. The lotus flower owes this special reputation to its extraordinary surface structure, which lets water, particles of dust, mud and micro-organisms drop off, allowing it to bloom in a constant state of perfect beauty.


High quality hand-crafted workmanship.


The name Lotuscrafts stands for the values that all of our products have in common: beauty, clarity and a high degree of hand-crafted workmanship. It should be a joy to see, touch and use our products. At the same time, we pay attention to the use of sustainable materials and to decent labour conditions from start to finish of the production chain, so that you feel good when you hold one of our products in your hands.

Sustainability for the protection of people and the environment

We view environmentally friendly production under fair labour conditions as a basic prerequisite, especially for products that are used for meditation, yoga and body work.

When it comes to the materials used in our products, we have therefore decided to collaborate with an Indian partner who specialises in the sustainable cultivation and processing of organic cotton while adhering to the environmental and social standards of the GOTS guidelines.

Our cushions are filled in our workshop in Austria with spelt and millet husks procured from organic farmers across the region.


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